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  • What is the 3D CORE?

Litatek Corporation is a company based in Taiwan founded after accumulating over ten years of technological and business experience in the LED lighting industry.   Their primary product, the 3D three-dimentional CORE, provides the solution to the natural hemispheric surface emitting problem.

  • Major difference between 3D CORE versus traditional LED’s

3D Core can emit light at 360 degrees, solving the common loss of light and half-moon(180 degree) lighting problem.

  • The 3D CORE can be installed in any original lamp type?

Yes, suitable for any original lamp type. Suitable for isolated and non-isolated power supply with power supply assembly methods.

  • Are there any difficulties in using 3D Core?

No, only simple assembly is needed. A little thermal plastic and a screw is required.

  • How to search for the Item you want

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