Company   Milestones

  • 1986  The establishment of Wei Sheng Technology Companies
  • 1988  LED image display billboard debut
  • 1990  LED DBS video billboard in Taichung’s first square
  • 1993  LED real-time video billboard in Beijing
  • 1995  Released world’s first full-color LED video image billboards in United States “NASA SHOW”
  • 1997  The Litatek Corporation was founded
  • 1998  Major supplier for Olympics LED scoreboard and image screen. To provide baseball practice machine of image display device for Japan company
  • 1999  Coordinated Hiroshima LED direction traffic light project
  • 2000~2008  Participation in domestic traffic signs project and export LED billboard to the EU and Russia markets
  • 2009  Issued LED light tube, exported to Japan first.  Successfully implemented copper circuit board shaping   technique, developed LED ceramic cool bulb technology and applied for patent
  • 2010  Continued research on LED circular bulb technology, LED dimmable ceramic bulb
  • 2011  Issued SMD LED mounted on ceramic heat lamp directly
  • 2012  Launched LED 3D(three-dimension) CORE



The world’s first three-dimensional wick  

Litatek 3D CORE 

Break with traditional technology.Professional research team

  • Professional technology with quality service-oriented